How To Fund Your Account

1.By Bank Wire

You can fund your account via wire transfer. Please make sure the name on the account sending the wire is the same as the name on your brokerage account that you are funding, as tastytrade does not accept third party wire transfers. Contact your bank or brokerage firm to initiate a wire with the following information:

All wire transfers must be made in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Bank Name & Address

BMO Harris Bank

111 West Monroe Street

Chicago, IL 60603



IMPORTANT: for Australian Bank Wires, our banks will require a SWIFT code instead of an ABA number. In the event the Bank Wire form you are using requests an ABA Routing Number, use 071000288

Recipient/Beneficiary Account Number


IMPORTANT: Do not enter your tastytrade account number as the receiving bank account number. Make sure you are wiring into this bank account number: 1619329

Recipient/Beneficiary Name

tastytrade via Apex Clearing

Recipient/Beneficiary Address

350 N. St. Paul Street

Suite 1300

Dallas, TX 75201

For Further Credit to / Memo / Message to Recipient / Description

Some wiring forms will have a dedicated section for the final recipient/beneficiary information (your tastytrade account name and your tastytrade account number), but some might not.

  • If the wiring form you are completing has a dedicated section for this information, this is where you should provide your name (as it appears on your tastytrade account), your tastytrade account number, & any other requested information.
  • If the wiring form you are completing does not have a dedicated section for this information, there should be a “Memo”, “Message to Recipient”, or some other section that allows you to provide additional information to the recipient of the wire. You should be able to successfully transmit your wire if you provide your tastytrade account number in this field.

2.By Currencyfair

As an Australian customer looking for an alternative to a traditional bank wire transfer, you have one other option – CurrencyFair. Your CurrencyFair transfer must be processed as a SWIFT wire transfer and must include the following information below when adding tastytrade as a Recipient in your CurrencyFair account. To download an example of what your Recipient Information will look like on CurrencyFair, please view the example template following the section below.

When can I expect my CurrencyFair wire deposit in my tastytrade account?

Wire transfers from CurrencyFair can take up to 3-5 business days after remitting to post to your tastytrade account.

Please Note: tastytrade does not charge any fees for incoming wires. However, CurrencyFair's intermediary bank charges $20 to forward funds to your tastytrade account.

CurrencyFair Recipient Information

Country Where Account Is Held

Select USA from the dropdown menu

Account Currency


Name Of Account Holder

tastytrade via Apex Clearing

Recipient Address

350 N. St. Paul Street, Suite 1300

Recipient City/Town


Recipient State/County


Recipient Post/Zip Code


Recipient's Country Of Residence

Select USA from the dropdown menu

Account Number


ABA Routing Number


CurrencyFair uses the above ABA Routing Number. SWIFT codes are not required when using CurrencyFair as it will be automatically applied when the above ABA Routing Number is used.

For Further Credit Information (MANDATORY)


This field was previously titled "Additional Settlement Information". When adding the information above please include the following information, as displayed below, in the For Further Credit Information area. Please note that the For Further Credit Information box will not appear until all fields above are entered.

"BO (your name) FFC (account number)"

BO stands for "By order of" and FFC stands for "for further credit to."

For example, if the account owner's name is Elmer Jones and the tastytrade account number was 5YL12345 then the For Further Credit Information section would include the following:

BO Elmer Jones FFC 5YL12345

tastytrade can typically accept transfers from CurrencyFair as long as you provide us with documentation verifying that you are the owner of the CurrencyFair account. CurrencyFair transfer request confirmations are typically sufficient to verify you are the account owner. Please send transfer confirmations to All transfers to tastytrade must be done in U.S. Dollars (USD).

CurrencyFair Recipient Information Example

Example Of Recipient Information Entered on CurrencyFair

Not sure if you put the Recipient Information in the right place? Click the image below to expand. Or, to download a copy for yourself, click the download link at the bottom of this article.

CurrencyFair recipient information example

For any further enquiries or questions relating to processing your CurrencyFair transaction, you may also wish to contact the CurrencyFair Support Centre in Australia direct using the below details:

Telephone: (02) 8279 8642

Email: (the Australian local CurrencyFair Support office will respond to emails during normal business hours)

(8am Mon - 5am Sat AEST)

3.By Transferring your account from another brokerage firm (ACAT)

You can fund your tastytrade account by transferring an existing account from another brokerage firm by initiating an ACAT. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Open up a like account with tastytrade.
  2. Fill out and sign the account transfer form.
  3. Scan the completed form and email it to with the subject ‘ACAT Request’ along with a copy of the most recent statement for your account at the other brokerage firm.

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