How To Fund Your Account

1.By Wire Transfer

You can initiate a wire transfer from your bank, online currency broker, or another brokerage firm to fund your account. The account from which you are sending the wire must have the same name as the brokerage account you are funding, as tastytrade does not accept third-party wire transfers. When using an online currency broker, ensure you send the funds via wire, not ACH, to prevent additional delays or fees.

For additional information, please visit the tastytrade Help Center. To initiate a wire transfer, please contact your bank, online currency broker, or brokerage firm and provide them with the following information:

All wire transfers must be made in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Bank Name & Address

BMO Harris Bank

111 West Monroe Street

Chicago, IL 60603



IMPORTANT: for Australian Bank Wires, our banks will require a SWIFT code instead of an ABA number. In the event the Bank Wire form you are using requests an ABA Routing Number, use 071000288

Recipient/Beneficiary Account Number


IMPORTANT: Do not enter your tastytrade account number as the receiving bank account number. Make sure you are wiring into this bank account number: 1619329

Recipient/Beneficiary Name

tastytrade via Apex Clearing

Recipient/Beneficiary Address

350 N. St. Paul Street

Suite 1300

Dallas, TX 75201

For Further Credit to / Memo / Message to Recipient / Description

Some wiring forms will have a dedicated section for the final recipient/beneficiary information (your tastytrade account name and your tastytrade account number), but some might not.

  • If the wiring form you are completing has a dedicated section for this information, this is where you should provide your name (as it appears on your tastytrade account), your tastytrade account number, & any other requested information.
  • If the wiring form you are completing does not have a dedicated section for this information, there should be a “Memo”, “Message to Recipient”, or some other section that allows you to provide additional information to the recipient of the wire. You should be able to successfully transmit your wire if you provide your tastytrade account number in this field.

2.By Transferring your account from another brokerage firm (ACAT)

You can fund your tastytrade account by transferring an existing account from another brokerage firm by initiating an ACAT. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Open up a like account with tastytrade.
  2. Fill out and sign the account transfer form.
  3. Scan the completed form and email it to with the subject ‘ACAT Request’ along with a copy of the most recent statement for your account at the other brokerage firm.

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