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Freedom to trade confidently

We believe in do-it-yourself investing. We think controlling your own money can be more rewarding than relying on money managers or robo-advisors who put your portfolio on autopilot.

That’s why tastytrade gives you every edge possible with the technology, rates, and support that help you succeed more easily on your own. We’re as serious about your money as you are, and we work for you who are brave enough to take your finances into your own hands.

Who We Are

Who We Are
Scott Sheridan
CEO, tastytrade, Inc.
Co-founder, thinkorswim
Co-founder, Sosnoff Sheridan Corporation
CBOE Floor Trader
JJ Kinahan
CEO, IG North America
VP & Chief Market Strategist, tastytrade
CBOE Floor Trader
Tom Sosnoff
CEO, tastylive, Inc.
Co-founder, thinkorswim
Co-founder, Sosnoff Sheridan Corporation
CBOE Floor Trader
Linwood Ma
CTO, tastylive, Inc.
CTO, thinkorswim Group, as a private company

We’ve always done what others won’t even try and gone where no other trading firms would go before. We’ve seen it all - market crashes, flash crashes - and our customers stick with us because they trust us. We’re tough, and we’re ridiculously transparent in a way you just don’t see in the financial industry.

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We traded at the Chicago Board Options Exchange

We were forged in the fires of physical floor trading. In the pit we learned how to be smart, creative, and resilient with finance. We quickly learned that we look at the market in a different way. Once we understood the value in leveraging options to sell premium, we needed a new space that would allow us to trade more boldly and efficiently.

1981 to 1999
  • 81Tom Sosnoff starts trading at the CBOE
  • 87Scott Sheridan starts trading at the CBOE
  • 95Tom & Scott found the Sosnoff Sheridan Corporation
We helped pioneer options trading technology for the retail trader

There was no brokerage or software to help us trade how we knew we could. So we built a firm with the services we needed and a platform with the features we wanted to do it our way. We even traveled the world to share our success and to show people of all types that they could trade like us and win at it. After being made an attractive offer to sell the brokerage firm, there was much contemplation about the decision. Ultimately, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. After all, we’re traders...

1999 to 2009
  • 99Tom & Scott found thinkorswim
  • 99Linwood Ma joins thinkorswim Group as CTO
  • 04Kristi Ross joins thinkorswim Group as CFO
  • 09thinkorswim acquired for $750M
tastylive was formed to change how you talk about finance

After selling our first brokerage firm, we still wanted to help retail traders realize their potential for success. Active traders made it clear that there was nowhere to go for sharp, fun, and actionable financial content. Our affiliate, tastylive, was launched as the first live network for active retail options traders. It is now an irreplaceable resource for both experienced and new independent traders.

2011 to 2017
  • 13tastylive wins Chicago Innovation Awards People’s Choice
  • 14Tom and Kristi win Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 16tastyworks is approved as a Broker-Dealer by FINRA/NFA
  • 16Kristi Ross wins Top Women in Tech Award
  • 17tastyworks launches to the public
Now we're building a new kind of brokerage for you, the active trader

The market can be a rough and random road to travel. Your brokerage is the last thing that should get in your way. We believe the firm itself is a crucial factor in your success. Our platform gives you the technology, tastylive gives you the know-how, and now our business structure gives you the environment you need to maximize profits and reward yourself more deeply than you ever thought possible.

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